SEISTENG is a sensor device that allows the detection of seismic waves through a wide range of frequencies, capable of communicating data signals in real time.

seismicvibrationself-poweredtriboelectric nanogenerator

Earthquake whisperer! This sensor feels every tremor in 3D, across wider ranges, for real-time seismic analysis, adapting to any environment.

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IMDEA Materials and UPM have collaborated to create a sensor device that can detect various types of seismic waves and transmit data signals in real-time. The device has unique geometric features that enable it to detect and differentiate seismic waves in all three spatial dimensions, covering larger frequency intervals than existing devices. It can measure physical properties of seismic waves, including velocity, acceleration, strength, displacement, and frequency, allowing for a comprehensive characterization. The device is made from a variety of materials to suit different applications, such as high heat and flame resistance for volcanoes, high pressure and corrosion resistance for underwater environments, and high humidity environments. Additionally, the device functions as a short-range wireless transmitter for real-time data communication.